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Rhode Island DUI Legal Limit (BAC)

 Info on Legal Impairment in RI Drunk Driving Arrests


The legal limit for alcohol consumption when driving in Rhode Island is .08 BAC. A chemical or breath test result over .08 BAC may make your case harder to win in court, if the prosecutor is able to provide breathalyzer evidence as part of the case.

If you are under the legal drinking age of 21, the you are facing penalties for drunk driving if you score a BAC above .02. This is known as a "zero tolerance" law. Many people will blow a .02 after only one drink.

If you register above a .15 BAC, you will face enhanced penalties for a high BAC under Rhode Island drunk driving laws. See my DUI laws & penalties page for more info.

If you've been accused of drunk driving in the state of Rhode Island, call me know for a free drunk driving defense consultation. Even if you failed a breath test or chemical test with a BAC over .08, there are still a number of defenses that are possible. But you must act quickly to preserve all your defense options. Call me now for a free consultation and I'll let you know exactly what we can do to beat your case.


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